Introduction of high school study abroad program – Federal Republic of Germany

Organized by the VDWF Study Abroad Fund – Duc Viet Economic Development Company and Euro Gymnasium Waldenburg High School (Sachsen), the program ensures the shortest path to enter the German University.

  • The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the leading industrialized countries not only in Europe but also all over the world. The reputation for social security, education and training systems, togetherwith high scientific and technological qualifications, linked to practice and tuition exemption has been recognized world wide.
  • Students will enroll in August at partner schools: Euro Gymnasium Waldenburg and Meerane of Sachsen State This is an excellent school that was visited and praised by the President of Germany for its outstanding achievements, and is the only school whichis allowed to accept foreign students in the State of Sachsen.
  • The first year will be focused on learning German and supplementing knowledge for students who are not yet proficient in German.
  • In the following years, studying with the German high school program from grade 10, 11 to the end of grade 12, graduated with Abitur degree and start to enter directly to the university.
  • Studying in German universities, getting bachelor’s degree (Bachelor) (possibly finish in 3 years) and have the chance to work in Germany or any European country. With 2 years more of studying, you will be able to achieve a Master’s degree and appropriate a higher salary.